What is Infonet-Biovision?
Infonet-Biovision is an information platform tailored to the rural population in East Africa. It offers information on sustainable agriculture and ecological control of plant-, human- and animal- targeting pests and disease vectors.

It also provides information on simple and environmentally safe technologies and approaches to improve the rural populations life and generate income while at the same time protecting the environment and the natural resources.

Infonet-Biovision's aim is to contribute to poverty reduction and environmental protection by disseminating appropriate and locally adapted methods for crop and livestock production, and for human and environmental health.

How do I use Infonet-Biovision?
On the Infonet-BioVision platform you find local relevant and effective information with contributions of local experts and international scientists on:

  • organic agriculture and crop husbandry for food security

  • effective ecological prevention and control of plant-, human- and animal targeting pests and diseases

  • simple and environmentally safe technologies and approaches to improve your life and generate income while at the same time protecting the environment and the natural resources

To access the knowledge and information sharing platform you have several possiblities:

1. If you have internet access: All information provided by Infonet-Biovision if available online on

2. If you rarely have internet access: For reading the Infonet-BioVision contents without internet access an offline version of the information platform can be downloaded for free from here:

3. If you don't have internet access: If you don't have any internet access you can order a CD containing all contents from the online version here:

How do I order the CD / (infonet-offline Version)?
The infonet-CD is useful if you do not have internet access but have access to a computer to read the infonet-CD.

Contact for ordering the infonet-CD (offline version): Farmers interested to receive the CD only need to send airtime worth KSH 200 to our partner organisation 'The Orgainc Farmer' in Kenya, to the phone number 0717 444 405.
After sending this airtime, please send an SMS detailing your full name and correct address. The CD shall be sent to you by registered mail. Pls note that the CD is only produced once a year and does therefore not contain the latest and updated contents, the most updated version of infonet is only accessible through the internet.
Where do I find information on Infonet-Biovision?
The structure of Infonet-Biovision is organised and programmed in such a way that the information provided forms a practical working tool for farmers, extension workers and trainers.

Navigate through links: The information on Infonet-Biovision can be found by clicking on the navigation links with the mouse pointer. All underlined text elements are navigation links to a sub page containing more information.

Infonet Navigation Overview

1. Horizontal image navigation (on the top)
2. Vertical List Navigation (in left column)
3. Infonet Keyword Search (on the top right corner)
4. Publications, About us and TOF (The Organic Farmer Magazine)

1. Horizontal image navigation (on the top)
The main sections (plant, human, animal, environment) for information about sustainable agriculture, health and ecological methods are accessible by the horizontal image navigation bar. By clicking on one of the images the selected main section will appear.

Overview over the 4 main sections:

Infonet Plant Health
find content with up-to-date (reviewed) information and images on plant health issues such as:
(a) major crops, fruits, vegetables and grains - husbandry, soil- and water management, identification of pests and diseases and organic management
(b) major pests and diseases, preventive and curative management measures, background on biology and ecology
(c) medicinal plants with income generating potential
(d) sustainable control methods - introduction to the terms: organic farming, conservation farming, (agroforestry) - description of different control methods and when to apply them: plant nutrition, plant extracts & biopesticides, natural enemies, physical methods, cultural control practices: composting, crop rotation, green manure, mulching, field sanitation, weed management, trap cropping, conservation tillage etc...)
(e) fruit and vegetable processing (how to make tomato pulp, jars, how to dry, construction of a dryer) (f) Natural pest control - Logical approach to pest control by using the least-toxic products that minimize harm to beneficial insects
(g) Cultural practices - Information about conservation agriculture, alternatives to herbicides, vegetable crop weed management etc...

more information will follow

Infonet Human Health
find information on integrated and preventive control of malaria and what to do on individual and community level (i.e. water and pond management, bed nets, treatment, case study on education and awareness). More information will follow soon on basic hygiene, nutrition, sanitation, waste-management, water- and soil borne diseases and their prevention

Infonet Animal Health
find information about organic animal husbandry, animal diseases prevention and management for cattle, donkeys, poultry, camels, pigs, goats, geese, bees and fish-farming and more

Infonet Environmental Health
find simple and environmentally safe technologies and approaches, sustainable energy use, water management methods, soil conservation, agroforestry, homegarden, income generation methods

2. Vertical List Navigation (in left column)
After selection one of the main sections (Plant, Human, Animals, Environment) more information about that section is offered on vertical list navigation bar.

Infonet left navigation 1

By clicking on one of the list items the sub-navigation of the selected item will be displayed. A click to a sub-navigation item will display the content on the right.

Infonet left navigation 2

3. Infonet Keyword Search (on the top right corner)
For searching all infonet contents enter any keywords (e.g. 'banana pest') at the field on the right corner and click with your mouse pointer to 'Search'.

Infonet search 1

The result page will list all pages, publications and issues from TOF (The Organic Farmer Magazine) containing your entered keyword (marked in red). For more information about the list results click on the underlined links 'more...'

Infonet search 2

4. Publications, About us and TOF (The Organic Farmer Magazine)
More information about topics of sustainable agriculture and ecological control can be found at the publication and TOF (The Organic Farmer) section. The Organic Farmer (TOF) is a free magazine for African farmers with practical information about sustainable agriculture. The publications and issues from TOF (The Organic Farmer) are listed by keyword. By clicking on a keyword all the documents containing this keyword are shown.

Infonet publications

To read or print out the documents in the publications and TOF (The Organic Farmer) section you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from here if you don't have it installed in your computer programmes: download here the Adobe Acrobat Reader

5. How can I send a comment or a feedback?
For writing a general feedback or question about Infonet-BioVision click to 'Contact' in the top navigation, fill in the form and send it by clicking on 'Send to Infonet'.

6. How can I print contents on Infonet-Biovision?
For best results to print a page on Infonet-BioVision you can click on the print link (Print) on the top of the content. A printing optimized page containing your content will appear.

Infonet print 1

Confirming the opening print dialogue you send the page to your printer.

Infonet print 2