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Passion fruit cultivation
Practical Action
The seeds and flesh are good to eat, the flesh suiting juices, ice cream and confectionery, and
so on.
Passion Fruit is used industrially in tinned food, juices, jams etc. It is also used medicinally as
a muscular relaxant.
Passion Flower Seed Company & National Collection of Passiflora
Infonet Biovision
References and further reading
Passion Fruit Jam Technical Brief Practical Action
Recipe and method for the small-scale production of passion fruit jam.
Passion Fruit Juice Technical Brief Practical Action
Recipe and method for the small-scale manufacture of passion fruit juice.
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Study of Peru’s production economy
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This document was translated by Edward Stevens for Practical Action from the
Spanish document Cultivo de Maracuyá Ficha Técnica 29, Soluciones Prácticas
La ficha describe de manera clara y sencilla información sobre el manejo adecuado
del maracuyá en relación al tipo de suelo, cosecha, etc.
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