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Passion fruit growing in Peru
Practical Action
The owners of the land adjacent to Yolanda Morales’ farm have started showing interest in
passion fruit. The version of the fruit growing in Yolanda’s farm is called “Brazilian passion
fruit” and it attracts attention because of its large size. “Everyone comes to ask about this
passion fruit, due to the sowing techniques and the ripening time. They will gradually start
following my example and this fruit will grow extensively here”, said Yolanda. She added that
she appreciated the information from the Technical Enquiries Service of Practical Action, as
the information she obtained not only helped her but others as well. She said that with the
conviction of someone for whom, after forty years, the agrarian reform and its intention to
boost peasant farmers has become a reality rather than a bad dream. “The idea is for everyone
to benefit from development”, concluded Yolanda as she posed for the camera with her
passion fruit.
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This document was written by Gabriel Reaño of Soluciones Prácticas in 2011.
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