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- Finally, add a spout made from the inner tube of a tyre to
the lid of the drum and join it up to a hosepipe. Put the
other end of the hosepipe in a disposable bottle filled with
water. During the fermentation process this allows any gas
produced to escape.
3. Using biol
To use biol proceed as follows:
- Transfer the biol to buckets when ready.
- Before applying biol, mix with water to avoid the crop
- The solid part of biol, produced by the pouring process, is
used as natural fertiliser around the plants.
4. Advantages
- It can be made from the raw materials found in the
- A fixed recipe is not required
- Its preparation is easy, and you can adapt it to different
types of containers.
- It is low cost.
- It improves the vigour of the crop and allows it to more
efficiently withstand attack from pests and sicknesses and
the adverse effects of the climate.
4. Disadvantages
- It takes a long time to prepare and ferment.
- For large expanses, a backpack is required for application.
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