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Peanut roaster
Practical Action
The operation of the machine is very simple and suitable for men and women.
Can be used for a range of products
If required, it can be converted to use firewood as a fuel source
The machine is low in cost and efficient.
Technical Details
Material Required
The drum roaster.
An empty tar barrel (outer drum)
22/24 Gauge GI sheet (inner drum)
The oven and the hearth:
Fine sand
An empty marga tin - for hearth
(with a 100mm diameter hole at the base)
Cylindrical wood or PVC Piping (for hearth)
- 1 Nos
- 1 Nos
- 250 Nos
- 35 Nos
- 35 Nos
- 1 Nos
- 2 Nos
See Practical Action South Asia technical drawings
The rotating drum roaster
The Drum roaster consists of two drums.
The outer drum (the tar barrel) is fitted to the brick work. It should be fitted in a manner so that
the bottom plate of the barrel is detachable. This plate has to be replaced, because the plate is
exposed to the hearth and is burnt during operation.
The inner drum is made from the 22/24 Gauge GI sheet. A small portion of this drum is made
similar to a drawer that is detachable for loading and unloading peanuts.
The clay oven
The brick oven is built using clay and sand mixture according to the dimensions given in
Specific requirements
The roaster needs a floor area of 1200mm x 1025mm.
The drum can handle a load of 5 kg of peanuts at one time. It can roast 10kg/hr.
The roaster can also be used for other materials and the load will differ accordingly.
The hearth (marga tin) is filled with paddy husks, sawdust & peanut shells. It is well
compacted leaving a cylindrical opening at the centre (vertical) extending it horizontally at
the bottom. This is done by inserting two cylindrical poles before packing with fuel source.
Once the packing is complete the two poles are pulled out carefully creating two tunnel-
shaped openings.
The hearth is lit by inserting some firewood into the base of the “airways”.
The hearth is placed at the inlet of the stove which is constructed around the peanut drum
The drum roaster is loaded with the peanuts or other food commodities (using the drawer
that is detachable).