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Charcoal production
Practical Action
Kerosene and LPG is affordable for many upper- and middle-level households but further
improvements in pricing and delivery (particularly of LPG) are required to enable households lower on
the income scale to make the switch away from traditional fuels. See Kerosene and Liquid Petroleum
Gas (LPG) Practical Action Technical Brief.
Electricity is not a potential substitute for woodfuels. Although electricity is affordable and practical
in many areas for lighting, communications, and possibly for refrigeration, few households, rural or
urban, will be able to afford to cook with electricity if it is priced at cost-reflective tariffs.
Improved charcoal kilns require some capital outlay but also require better understanding and
control of the carbonization process. Drying of wood, better stacking methods, and better process
control, in combination with a chimney to force inverted draught, can greatly increase carbonization
efficiency. However, they takes more time and effort to prepare the kiln and control the carbonization
In areas where wood is feely available traditional charcoal makers may not have an incentive to
improve their production and may use several traditional kilns. Increasing the efficiency of charcoal
production requires regulatory measures, systematic training, and demonstration programs.
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