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Practical Action
Bicycle extensions
These low cost adaptations of standard bicycles enable larger and more bulky loads to be
carried on an extended rear carrier.
The load that can be carried is limited by the strength of the rear wheel and tyre. A
strengthened wheel can be used so that the limiting factor is the load capacity of the tyre.
Figure 3: Extended bicycle
Photo: Practical Action
Extended cycle user, W Aloysius
Fernando, cultivator of mainly
plantains & peanuts, sells
peanuts in nearby towns. With
the extended cycle, he can now
transport enough to meet
demand (1200 packets as
oppose to 400 packets on his
original bicycle). With increased
business earnings he began to
cultivate a larger area of land
and could hire a peanut shelling
This particular bicycle adaptation requires; the chain to be lengthened, the brackets for the
rear break to be moved, and the brake rods to be lengthened. The frame does not have to be
cut or modified in any way.
Bolt to bicycle
Support stays
Bolt to Frame
Wheel support frame
Figure 4: Construction of extension for a standard bicycle
Wheel moved
by 250 mm