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Practical Action
Construction of extension with small (20”) rear wheel
The advantages of a small rear wheel are; there is more space for the load, the load is lower
and easier to balance, the wheel is stronger, and the bicycle is easier to pedal. The main
disadvantage is that the smaller wheel does not ride as easily over pumps and potholes.
Figure 5: Construction of extension with small (20”) rear wheel
Carrier & container
Support bar
Support stays
Bolt to bicycle frame
at these points
Carrier & container
Bicycle taxis
The Bicycle taxi or boda boda has become popular in Uganda and Kenya, they operate for hire
from stands in towns, bus stops and market centres. The name boda boda is said to come
from the time when the East African Community existed and there was free movement across
the boarder between Uganda and Kenya. Travellers were offered transport to the boarder by
bicycle-riders shouting ‘Border Border’ to attract passengers.
Converting a bicycle to a taxi requires reinforced forks, stronger brakes, a passenger seat and
footrests, and cushions. New seat designs enable woman to ride side-addle should help to
improve access.
Although the work is hard, the operators can earn a living despite a lack of formal education.
The community transport organisation in Ndhiwa and The Kibos Cycle Taxi Association of
Kisumu, Western Kenya worked in conjunction with Practical Action East Africa to:
enhance the safety of bicycle taxis
provide a cycle lane along the Kibos road
set up a mini-medical insurance scheme for passengers and operators
provide a credit scheme and repair fund for the members