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Cheese making in Ayacucho, Peru
Practical Action
Ronald Huamani, who is 30 years old even though he looks 18, showed us the entire cheese
manufacturing process. He finished with the red packaging of the product which is no
different aesthetically from the weighted cheeses in supermarkets. He even stamps a
“Pasteurized Cheese” seal on them.
Relationship with Practical Action
We made contact with Danny Bautista through the Technical Enquiries Service implemented
by Practical Action with a view to providing detailed information to various consumers who did
not necessarily have any relationship with the areas in which the organization’s projects are
implemented. Danny contacted Giannina Solari who is in charge of the service, seeking
information on dairy processing. “I received a prompt reply”, said Danny. “I was given
various very explicit primers on dairy products, particularly yogurt and cheese. The
information contained in the primers was fundamental for training producers. Based on this
information they were able to learn how to work with their products. They even increased the
variety of their products. They used to make only fresh cheese before, now we have several
other types.”