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Aonla products
Practical Action
Jam - Aonla fruit pulp (50%) is taken and 67% sugar is added. Herbs like 5% asparagus and
2% ashwagandha extract will increase its medicinal properties. The mixture is cooked and citric
acid is added (acidity 1.2%). After judging the end point (68° Brix), it is filled into clean
sterilised glass jars, upon setting of jam, lids and jars are closed ensuring an air tight seal.
Sauce - Five kg of sauce containing 50% aonla pulp and 50% tomato pulp with 75g sugar, 10g
salt, 60g onion, 6g garlic, 12g ginger, 5g red chillies, 12g hot spices was prepared. Acetic acid
and sodium benzoate as preservatives were added at the rate of 1ml and 0.3g/kg of final product,
respectively. Finally the sauce was filled in glass bottles and crown corked followed by
processing in boiling water for 30 minutes. and air-cooled. The product was highly acceptable
even after the storage period of more than 9 months.
By using these simple scientific techniques, judicious processing of aonla fruit will not only open
new dimensions for establishing commercial processing industries in the form of value added
products but will also provide health benefits to the consumers.
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