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Potatoes - storage and processing
Practical Action
rotating bowl that is lined with an abrasive material such as carborundum, and a supply of
fresh water to wash away the peels.
Fig 4. Potato peeler (Courtesy of Stigwood and Sons)
Potatoes are cut to size using a number of methods: chopping, dicing and chipping large to
medium sized pieces for French fries and slicing to medium/small pieces for crisps. Small
manual or powered machines are available to cut uniform sized chips and a mandolin may be
used to may uniformly thick slices (Fig. 5).
Fig. 5. Chipping and slicing machines, a) and b)
manual potato chippers, c), powered potato
chipper (from Metcalfe Catering at
ato-chippers), d) mandolin slicer (from Fantes at