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Packaging foods in glass
Practical Action
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Ahmedabad - 382 445
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Semi automatic labelling machine suitable
for all types of round containers, jars, tins,
cans and bottles. Capacity: 30-40
Crown Capping Machine Engineering Drawings Practical Action
The design is of a manually operated crown capping machine similar to the one in figure 9
Roll on Pilfer Proof Machine Engineering Drawings Practical Action
The design is of a manually operated ROPP machine similar to the one in figure 11.
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Diagrams and text used in this technical brief come from a variety of sources. We
would therefore like to thank the following for allowing us to reproduce: Practical
Action Publishing, ILO, and PRODEC.
Practical Action
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United Kingdom
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Fax: +44 (0)1926 634401
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