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Gum sweets
Practical Action
Varying shape of
Sour or
unpleasant taste
Gums lack body
and shape.
Lumps of gelatin
Gum ageing
If receiving customer complaints, check
production dates. Ageing occurs due to the
evaporation of moisture.
Cold moulding starch The starch should be at 32 - 34°C.
Highly moist starch
Insufficient frosting
Gum ageing
It should have a 6-9% moisture level.
Check the frosting process.
Ascertain the production date.
Faulty oven
Monitor airflow within the oven.
Boards placed at the
hot air inlet.
Insufficiently mixed.
Lack of hygiene
Move the boards away from the hot air inlet.
Lengthen the mixing time.
Wash all equipment very thoroughly.
Poor quality gelatine
Use better quality gelatine.
Loss of flavour
Buy a sufficient quantity of flavourings to last at
least 3 months. Store in caramel bottles and
place in cupboards in a dry place. Ensure that
lids are firmly closed, and once opened use
within 24 hours.
Starch is contaminated Change the starch.
with alien flavours.
Add acid to a hot
gelatine solution.
Delay the addition of the acid until the last
possible moment, ensuring that it is thoroughly
mixed in.
The gelatine is curling Slowly add the gelatine to water at 88°C, stirring
up slowly.
The syrup has a high
Cool the syrup to 100°C before adding the
gelatine mix.
The gelatine has little
Check the temperature.
Variations in pH level
Monitor the amounts of acid being added. Use
acid only to achieve pH 3.8 4.0.
Add 0.2% of a pH-regulating salt (eg. sodium
citrate) to avoid fluctuations in pH levels.
Change gelatine type, or supplier.
Insufficient soaking of Soak in water for at least 20 minutes.
the gelatine.