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Gum sweets
Practical Action
Tails or strings
Strainer malfunction
Adjust the piston stroke.
Damaged spouts.
Change them as necessary.
Problems with
Check that everything is working properly.
Damaged spouts.
Change them as necessary.
Problem with operation. Check that everything is working properly.
3. ITINTEC Regulations
Gum sweets are made from a mixture of natural gums, gelatines, starch, sugar, and other
authorised substances and additives.
According to the regulations of ITINTEC (El Instituto de Investigacion Tecnologica Industrial y de
Normas Tecnicas). Peru’s Technical Research on Industrial Standards, gums must be free from
all contaminants and from any non-permitted substances.
Use of authorised preservatives such as sorbic acid, or its alkaline sorbates, is permitted, in
dosages of no more than 0.1%.
Another of the product requirements is a maximum
content of 68% sucrose and gelling agents. The
maximum moisture level for gums must be 15%
Practical Action ITDG. Production Systems and
Access to Markets Programme. Marshmallows and
Gums Technical Course, 1997.
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