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Banana chips
Practical Action
Leave the pieces in the dryer until they are crispy and dry the length of time taken will vary
according to the type of dryer used, the climate and the level of humidity. Do not dry too quickly
or the pieces may dry on the outside before the middles are fully dry.
Remember that the banana slices will discolour during drying. To maintain a good bright colour,
the drying process should be as short as possible.
Dried banana chips - process flow-chart
Green, under-ripe bananas
Peeling (as quickly as possible to avoid browning)
Soaking in citric acid or ascorbic acid solution
Slicing into 5-8mm thick slices, ensure uniform size pieces
Soaking in honey dip or syrup solution for 3-5 minutes
Drying for 8 hours at 60°C or 1-2 days in a solar dryer
Storage in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Up to 2 months
After drying, cool to room temperature and package in moisture-proof packaging. Label and store
in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
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Practical Action Bangladesh has produced a booklet on green banana chips production in Bangla.
This document was produced by Dr. S Azam Ali for Practical Action in March
2008. Dr. S Azam-Ali is a consultant in food processing and nutrition with over 15
years experience of working with small-scale processors in developing countries.
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