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2. Neutraliser
Neutraliser is produced during cooking since the milk’s initial
acidity becomes concentrated. An acidity of 13ºD should be
reached to allow for a final acidity of 20 to 24 ºD.
3. Heating
The milk should be heated until boiling, stirring continuously to
spread the heat and avoid congealing of the fat.
It also pasteurises the milk and regulated the properties of the
4. Concentration
During the boiling phase al of the ingredients should be added, in
the following order:
Slowly add the sugar (avoid contact with the edge of the pan), the
starch (previously dissolved in cold milk), then the glucose
(previously dissolved in hot milk), the stabiliser (also dissolved in
hot milk), and finally the flavourings and colourings. The lactose
(anti-crystallising agent) can be added one day before cooled.
The mixture will be ready when boiling has stopped, the surface is
shiny and reflective, and there is movement from the outer edges
to the middle.
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