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Healthcare waste management in developing countries
Practical Action
External Links and References
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Sources of Further information
WASTE Netherlands
WHO Healthcare waste
Bio-Medical Waste Management film by Toxics Link
Biomedical Waste Treatment (India)
Medical Waste (Cambodia)
Eco-Scan Medical Waste (Kenya)
Medical Waste Disposal Unit Liberia
4 tons of medical waste dumped at local landfill (USA)
Medical Waste Disposal (Kenya)
Hospital Waste to Non-Hazardous Building Blocks
Veronica Di Bella is Assistant Consultant for Low-Carbon Development and
Disaster Risk Reduction at IMC Worldwide Ltd, London, UK. Her consultancy
experience is in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She has completed her PhD in
Appropriate Methods and Technologies for International Development Co-
operationat University of Brescia (Italy), focussing on solid waste management in
low and middle income countries. She also developed part of her research at
WEDC (Water, Engineering and Development Centre), Loughborough University,
Practical Action
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