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Household water treatment systems
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References and further information
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Household water treatment systems
Bio-sand filters
The full bio-sand filter construction manual
Manz Water Info
David Manz, PhD.
University of Calgary
Concrete Bio-Sand Water Filter Construction Manuals, Dr. David H. Manz, P. Eng., P. Ag.
(May 2008) ACAD Drawings of BSF Steel Mould, Dr. David H. Manz, P. Eng., P. Ag. (April
BioSand Water Filter Guidance Manuals, Dr. David H. Manz, P. Eng., P. Ag. (January 2009,
updated July 2010)
Lifewater International
Water Treatment
Methods of Water Treatment (RWS.3.M)
Determining the Need for Water Treatment (RWS.3.P.1)
Taking a Water Sample (RWS.3.P.2)
Analyzing a Water Sample (RWS.3.P.3)
Planning a Water Treatment System (RWS.3.P.4)
Water Treatment in Emergencies (RWS.3.D.5)
Household Water Treatment
Designing Basic Household Water Treatment Systems (RWS.3.D.1)
Constructing a Household Sand Filter (RWS.3.C.1)
Operating and Maintaining Household Treatment Systems (RWS.3.O.1)
Slow Sand Filters
Designing a Slow Sand Filter (RWS.3.D.3)
Constructing a Slow Sand Filter (RWS.3.C.3)
Operating and Maintaining a Slow Sand Filter (RWS.3.O.3)
Further Reading
Water and Sanitation a selection of books from Practical Action Publishing