Complete List of Science Articles and Texts
The articles listed below are of importance to teacher trainers in the area of science. They have been gathered in conjunction with the lessons on this electronic library in order to provide teacher trainers with greater access to up to date research in the teaching methodologies of science. The articles are written by teachers and educators in the field. You may choose to look at the articles individually, or choose your selections based on teaching methodology or scientific topic.
Titles of Science Articles:

Buchanan, Anne "Integrating Critical Thinking Skills Into the Classroom" Access Excellence, Classrooms of the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series,

Buege, Douglas J. "The Flying Sunflower: A Seed Dispersal Project" Science Activities 35 no4, p10-12 Wint '99.

Chishimba, Cynthia; Rasekoala, Elizabeth "An African Renaissance In Science Education: A UK-South Africa Partnership" PEN North-West Province, South Africa; Ishango House, Manchester, UK, The Network

Downing, Chuck, Ph.D. "Tune up Your Teaching" Access Excellence, Classrooms of the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series,

Elliot, Ian, "Do-It-Yourself Science," Teaching PreK-8 28, p34-8 Ja '98.


Filson, Richard "In Search Of . . . . Real Science" Access Excellence, Classrooms of the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series, www.

Glascott, Kathleen and Sandra J. Stone. "The Affective Side of Science Instruction," Childhood Education v74, p102-4 Winter '97-'98.
Glazer, Francine S. "Teaching Science with Toys and Telephones," College Teaching 46, no3 89 Summer '98.
Jegede, Olugbemiro; Solomon, Joan "Science Education And The Familiar World Of The Child" Open Learning, Hong Kong Open University; Department of Educational Studies, University of Oxford
Lord, Thomas R. "How To Build a Better Mousetrap: Changing the Way Science Is Taught through Constructivism," Contemporary Education 69 no3, p134-6 Spr '98.
Leyden, Michael. "Living in a Red, White and Blue World," Teaching PreK-8 v28, p24-5 October '97.
Lonergan, Diane. "Network Science: Bats, Birds, and Trees," Educational Leadership v55, p34-6 November '97.
McGraw, Carole. "Teaching Science Cooperatively in Middle/High School," The Education Digest 64 no9, p29-33 My '99.

Morgan, Robert "Developing Teaching Style" 1998

Murray, Steve "Action Programme: A Catalyst To Curriculum Change", ACTION Programme; Harare, Zimbabwe

Nganunu, Marianne "Major Elements Of Science And Technology Education For All In Africa: Views From Botswana"

O'Connor, Joseph P "Teachers Are The Problem In SMT, Not Girls" Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa (FEMSA), November 2000


Rennie, Leonie J.and David F. Treagust. "Implementing Technology in the School Curriculum: A Case Study Involving Six Secondary Schools," Journal of Technology Education, Vol. 5, N0. 1, Fall 1993


Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), "A Teacher's Guide to Student Discovery through Inquiry Professional Development" Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1999, p. 1-32

Westerlund, Jayne "Community Participation and Mobilization through Dialogue" UNESCO- International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa, July 2001

World Bank/British Council Report "Science Education In The School Curriculum: Its Relation With Technology"