Khan Academy on a Stick

What is Khan Academy on a Stick?

Khan Academy on a Stick is an subset of the video content available at khanacademy.org arranged for easy offline usage. This version includes comprehensive Math and Science video playlists as of August of 2013.

Who created and maintains Khan Academy on a Stick?

The original offline collection was created by Norberto Mujica to help and support educational needs where there is no Internet access. It is being used in many places around the world. It is currently maintained by Jonathan Field.

How can I send my comments or suggestions about Khan Academy on a Stick?

You can send your comments and suggestions by email to or . Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Is this offline compendium of Khan Academy content under any license?

Yes. Khan Academy on a Stick is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, inspired by the great work of Khan Academy.

You can use this offline version except for any commercial purpose, like selling it in any way. You can only distribute it for free, and you must keep the attribution and the "About" section (about.html).


Where can I get other offline educational content?

Khan Academy on a Stick is also part of the RACHEL initiative, a World Possible project making rich educational materials available in locations with no internet connectivity, or where the bandwidth is very limited.

You can see more details in the World Possible RACHEL page. There is also an online sample of the RACHEL content, useful for visualizing what is available in an offline RACHEL server.

RACHEL also includes a pre-configured and ready to run Raspberry Pi version