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Houses with accessibility
Height of chairs
Practical Action
All chairs should be between 18”-20” as shown in
Figure 19.1.
Figure 19.1: Rounded corners of a
chair and the height of the seat level
Height of tables and other furniture and the finishing
All tables should maintain a height
of 2’- 9”.
The edges
All edges of tables, stools and chairs
should end with a rounded finish for
safety purposes.
Figure 19.2: Rounded table
Bedroom furniture, calling
Top hang fixed window sash
The alarm bell should be next to the bed
to help the user to call a caretaker. Also,
it will also enable the caretaker to attend
to the person at once.
There should be a vibrating pillow or
alternative apparatus to help the deaf
person to wake up.
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Figure 20: Bedroom furniture