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Emergency preparedness plans
Emergency Preparedness Plans
Practical Action
2. Identification of vulnerable areas
Who are the people and what are the objects exposed to disaster threats.
We have to identify the houses, buildings, farm land, roads, bridges, and transport
means in areas of greater danger.
We must be aware of the location and condition of access roads to the community, as
well as alternative access routes.
We must know the location of the population exposed to danger and also which
individuals have some kind of mobility limitation or require specialised medical
3. Identification of internal skills and limitations
What is the community’s capacity to cope with or
eliminate an emergency situation
To produce an inventory of human and material resources,
their condition, location, and availability.
Communities and families: survival
mechanisms and response capacities in the
work area.
Physical spaces and safe locations that could be
Actions that may increase our
used as gathering places or temporary shelters in cases of emergency.
Means of transportation (public and private) that may be used in cases of
Basic medical and first aid equipment.
Protection and rescue equipment, such as: shovels, picks, ladders, ropes,
Electrical power systems and other possible supply sources.
Water systems (aqueducts, wells, springs, and other possible supply sources.
Contact addresses, telephone numbers, and employees of institutions that
provide services in cases of emergency.
Organisations. A directory of organisation and community leaders must be on
Emergency Preparedness Plans
An inventory of resources allows us to know what the community
has on hand to respond to an emergency situation. We may also
measure the existing degree of organisation, and find out about
the education and information requirements for the community
to define concrete actions.