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Nepal possesses extreme geographical
conditions ranging from high hills and
mountains to areas of flat land known
as the terai. Rugged terrains,
unfavourable weather conditions and
scattered settlements in the hilly and
mountainous regions obstruct the
mobility of people and the transporting
of goods and services as well as
hindering development efforts. Rural
access is a major problem in Nepal.
Settlements are scattered, with few
densely populated areas.
Rural Nepal
Photo: Practical Action
In such a harsh mountainous region the construction of roads is expensive and time-
consuming. The cost of transporting construction materials by is high, and damage from
landslides is common. The gravity ropeway is therefore a viable alternative in many locations.
Practical Action Nepal commenced its transport programme in 1998. It improved and
promoted innovative transportation systems, such as cable river crossing bridges known as
tuin, gravity ropeways for hilly and mountainous regions and bicycle ambulances and trailers
for the terai regions.
Ropeway transport has been in use in Nepal
for many years. In its most basic form it
consists of a single span made with fibre
rope, simply anchored at each end. The first
major ropeway in Nepal was installed in the
1920s, followed by an improved and
extended system in 1964. Although there
has been some stagnation in the
development of large-scale ropeways, small-
scale systems remain economically feasible
in the country.
Ropeway transport system
Photo: Practical Action
Practical Action has also been instrumental
in setting up a National Forum for Rural
Transport and Development, under the
International Forum for Rural Transport and
Development (IFRTD) umbrella.
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