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Solar Cooking and Health
Practical Action
Figure 4: HotPot panel cooker. Photo: Christine
Danton, SHE Inc.
The third and most recent design is the
panel cooker. Its major features are low
cost and increased portability, as the
panels are hinged and can be folded up.
Invented by Dr. Roger Bernard, it was
initially adapted by Solar Cookers
International for use in refugee camps. A
commercial model developed by Solar
Household Energy, Inc. is now available. In
this model, called the HotPot, a black steel
cooking pot with a wide flange is
suspended inside a transparent glass bowl
with a space of 1.3cm between the two.
This assembly is covered with a glass lid
and placed in front of a foldable reflector
designed to deliver solar energy through the
glass bowl to the black pot. The resultant
heat is retained between bowl and pot by
the pot’s flange (Figure 4).
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Further reading
Solar Cookers in the Third World by Klaus Kuhnke, Marianne Reuber & Schwefel. GTZ
Moving Ahead with Solar Cookers: Acceptance and Introduction to the Market, GTZ,
March 1999.
Something New Under The Sun: A Manual for Solar Box Cookers, Technology for Life
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