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Wind for electricity generation
Practical Action
References and resources
Energy from the Wind Technical Brief
This Technical Brief gives an overview of how to wind energy. Wind power can play a useful
role in water supply and irrigation pumps, as well as in electrical generators.
Energy for Rural Communities Technical Brief
Nearly a third of the world’s population do not have access to grid electricity. Households can
use renewable energy systems to provide electricity.
Grid Connection Technical Brief
The potential for grid connection and its alternatives for providing electricity in rural areas are
considered in this Technical Brief.
Batteries Technical Brief
There is a wide range of batteries available. This Technical Brief gives an introduction to the
pros and cons of the different types of batteries.
Small Wind Systems for Rural Energy Services
S Khennas, S Dunnett & H Piggott: Practical Action Publishing, 2003, ISBN 1 85339 5552
Windpower Workshop : building your own wind turbine.
Hugh Piggot: Centre for Alternative Technology, 1997
The Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)
NB: large file 1.33MB
Wind Rotor Blade Construction
Fibre glass wind turbine blade: manufacturing guide. Version 1.4
A practical guide designed to show the process of producing a wind turbine blade from fibre-
Wind Turbine Technology : fundamental concepts of wind turbine engineering.
David, A. Spera: ASME Press, 1994
Wind Energy Basics : a guide to small and micro wind systems.
Paul Gipe, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1999
Microaerogeneradores de 100 y 500 W : Modelos IT-PE 100 y SP-500
Microaerogenerador IT-PE-100 para la electrificación rural
Video: Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka 2 min 15 sec modem 565k | broadband 1.6Mb