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Tofu and Soymilk Production
Practical Action
Soymilk is easily digestible and one
pint of it can provide over one half
of a young child’s daily protein
requirement. It can be sweetened
with sugar or flavoured with
chocolate, cinnamon or vanilla.
Salt may also be added.
Coagulating soymilk
Soymilk is heated over a fire and
boiled for 3 to 5 minutes with
continuous stirring. The pot is
removed from the heat and a 4%
acetic acid solution is added to the
soymilk and stirred constantly until a good coagulum is formed. Vinegar usually contains 4%
acetic acid solution and for every litre of soymilk, 2 tablespoons of vinegar are used.
Straining the curds
When large white curds can be seen floating in a clear yellow liquid, called whey, the soymilk is
completely curded and ready to be filtered through a clean cloth into a suitable mould. The
same method is used here as used in straining the soymilk.
To form a block of tofu, press the cloth lined tofu with a weight for about 20 minutes which will
reduce its water content by approximately 60%. This can be sliced and fried or eaten plain with
salt. Alternatively, the loose curds can be scrambled in a pan with onion, tomatoes and salt and
served on bread.
Preservation of soymilk and tofu
Soymilk can be stored in a bottle placed in a container of cold water. However, even in cool
weather, soymilk can only be kept for a day using this method. Unseasoned block tofu should be
stored under water to prevent drying out and can be kept for 2 days in moderate temperatures.
When refrigeration is available, soymilk can be kept for up to 5 days and tofu for about 10 days.
Soymilk that sours will form into curds by natural fermentation. Providing the curds are solid
and not discoloured or slimy, they can be boiled for 30 to 40 minutes to kill the bacteria and
made into cheese. Tofu that becomes slightly sour can also be eaten if boiled for 20 to 30
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