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Drama is a powerful and entertaining form of communication, and it can be used informally
without the need for an indoor stage or theatre house. Community or street drama is often
presented in ordinary buildings or in the open air, and can be performed in various locations.
Plays can be devised to suit the local audience and inexpensive props and costumes can be
Advantages of Community / Street Drama
Because drama is live and is performed close to the audience, it allows people to actively
respond to what they are seeing. In some cases the audience is encouraged to interact with
the actors or even asked to step into the performance themselves. Topical issues can easily be
included in the drama.
Local people /actors can be
Drama is easy to understand
and enjoyable for all
community members.
Plays can be performed in the
local language.
How to use Community / Street Drama
Very short and simple drama performances can be devised without much help from
experienced actors, but for a bigger drama project experienced people will be required. They
can help with choosing, adapting or writing a script and with casting characters and
rehearsing the performance.
Be clear about the development issue you are tackling and make sure the drama
communicates it effectively.
Consider using local stories, humour, slang, song and dance.
Incorporate opportunities for audience involvement.
Consult with existing drama groups and consider using local actors.
Consider the gender balance within the drama team.
Select an appropriate venue and time for performances.
Promote the performance in advance.
Consider recording performances on video.
Constraints of community / street drama
Some experience in drama production and acting will be required.
The drama group will require significant rehearsal time.
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