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Palli Tathya Kendr (Rural Information Centre)
Shushilan, Kaliganj, Satkhira
Prepared by: Md. Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan, Sr. Knowledge Officer, PANs Bangladesh
This center situated 2 km far from Kaliganj bus
stand of Satkhira district. Kaliganj degree college
situated very close to the centre. Head office of
Shushilan NGO situated at Kaliganj and NGO staffs
provide support to run the centre. Farmers of the
nearer village used to come to the centre for
different types of Agricultural support.
Infrastructure and Equipments
Computer room, a library of 4000 different kinds
of books, computer, printer, multimedia projector,
digital camera, mobile phone and furniture.
Computer training-compose, internet service,
enquirer answers provide from directly AIS,
Khamarbari, Dhaka. By showing 50 animation
based multimedia knowledge object they attract
the farmers for their agri-based problem solutions.
Funding by D-Net, supported by Shushilan. One
permanent staff. Shushilan provide a room for the
centre while D-Net provide Different kinds of
equipment and technical support. Specially
animated films provide by D-Net.
Farmers, students, businessmen are the main
beneficiaries. Each month 400 farmers, 500
students, 100 businessmen used to come to the
centre. Farmers get some agriculture problem
based solution, students for computer
learning/training, and some businessmen come
due a plant nursery, small poultry and dairy, and
compost preparation by waste management this
sorts of business.
Due to less income economical support
need from Shushilan NGO
Due to power cut 4-5 hours computer
related works become undone everyday
GPRS based internet is very slow
due to remote area network which is time