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AICC: Agriculture Information and Communication Centre
Agricultural Information Services, Department of Agriculture Extension, Ministry of
Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh
Gaidghat, Jessore
Prepared by: Md. Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan, Sr. Knowledge Officer, PANs Bangladesh
In the year 2003 by a survey with the help of local
clubs established Agriculture Information
Communication Centre (AICC) at Gaidghat,
Jessore. It is 33 km far from Magura district on the
way of Jessore-Magura road. Sixty two club
members (Farmers and Youth) support to buy a
small place at Tetul Tola, Gaidghat and build a
room for the centre, where AIS, Khamarbari
provide equipments and furniture. Club members
are the heart of this centre.
Infrastructure and Equipments
A single room for computer room, computer,
printer, multimedia projector, sound system,
digital camera, mobile phone and furniture.
Computer training-compose, internet service,
enquirer answers provide from directly AIS,
Khamarbari, Dhaka. By showing seventeen
multimedia drama and street drama they aware
poor farmers regarding agriculture problem based
Local club, Agriculture Information Service (AIS)
are the main management team for this centre.
One male and one female person employed there
and club members provide monthly fee @ taka
5.00 by these the centre providing its running cost.
Poor populace of the villages, 2000 members of
different clubs, maximum are farmers and nursery
seedlings seller.
Due to less income monthly fee need to take
from the club members regular basis
Due to power cut 4-5 hours computer related
works become undone everyday
GPRS based internet is very slow due to
remote area network which is time