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Gyanerhat: Union Parishad Based Local Knowledge Centre
Practical Answers, Practical Action Bangladesh
Atulia , Shyamnagar, Satkhira
Prepared by: Md. Kamrul Islam Bhuiyan, Sr. Knowledge Officer, PANs Bangladesh
From February 2009 a knowledge centre (local
name Gyaner Haat) running its activity at Atulia
Union Parish 11 km far from Shyamnagar upazila in
Satkhira district occupied by two rooms. After a
survey at Mongla, Shoronkhola upazila of Bagerhat
district and Munshiganj, Kashimari, Atulia union of
Shyamnagar upazila, Atulia Union Parishad
selected for shrimp, sea fish, crab market and
Kholpetua river. Besides those a college, high
schools, madrashas, primary schools and 23 village
occupied by 37,252 populace maximum are
affected by cyclone are also special causes for
selecting the place.
Infrastructure and Equipment
Computer room, a library room of 500 books,
computer, laptop, photocopy, printer, multimedia
projector, digital camera, video camera,
refrigerator, vaccines of livestock, internet
connection and some furniture. Library and
computer room provided by Atulia Union Parishad
with agreement.
Services provide by Advice, Input Service (AIS). The
main services are answering farmers problem,
computer training-compose, internet service,
library cum reading room (by using online and
offline software). By showing multimedia
knowledge object of agricultural problem based
solutions is one of the major knowledge
management activity of this centre. By developing
30 Rural Technology Extensionist (RTE) from
unemployed villagers of that union farmers are
getting door step service on agriculture, fisheries
and livestock related problems. Two entrepreneur
working full time on that centre as a result with
work opportunity they increase their skill. Basically
32 unemployed get employment opportunity
through this centre.
Gyaner haat implementing its activity with the
funding of Practical Answers Project and
supported by Atulia Union Parishad. A local
management committee consists of 11 members
(UNO, UP chairman & secretary, school teachers,
local elites) are always monitoring centre activity
and its prospects. Due to prompt acting by two
entrepreneurs and 30 rural technology
extensionist the centre become famous at its
working place. By earning photocopy, computer
composes, renting video camera and multimedia
projector its running well and the honorarium of
the entrepreneurs also providing from the center’s
income which show sustainability of the centre.
Farmers, students, businessmen are the main
beneficiaries of the centre. Monthly approx. 400
farmers, 700 students and 400 businessmen used
to come to the centre for their need. Farmers are
coming for solution of their agricultural problem,
students are coming for computer training and
reading books in the library. Some are coming for
job circular both in newspaper and internet based,
exam results from internet, different types of
Govt. forms.
Due to power cut 4-5 hours photocopy
and computer related works become
undone everyday
GPRS based internet is very slow due to
remote area network which is time
Due to climate change problem especially
cyclone affect its income and it is situated
in the southern part of the country may
disappeared due to sea level rising in near
Electronic equipments such as
photocopy, computer repairing is difficult
due to remote place.