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Leave enough space between hives to make it easy to work
without disturbing bees in other hives;
Make sure the hive entrances face away from footpaths;
Limit the number of hives in an apiary to 10.
This apiary is too crowded. Working here will easily
disturb the bees.
4. To attract bees into the hives, a “bait” is used:
The hives need to be clean and to contain a good bait to
attract honeybees to live there;
Use plenty of bees wax around the inside of the hive and at
the entrance;
A top bar with a fresh bees wax starter strip is excellent for
attracting bees. Bees also like comb containing brood very
The bees like some leaves, especially if they smell of lemon
and these are sometimes used as extra baits. Other baits
that sometimes succeed are local wine or beer, cassava or
maize flour, or banana skins.
Top bar with fresh wax starter strip
Basic Beekeeping Manual 1: How to set up a good Apiary (© Author Pam Gregory, who offers this as her gift to
beekeepers in developing countries)