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5. Inspect hives regularly to check if bees have moved into
If there are no bees check hives are clean and dry and that
no pests, such as ants, rats and spiders, have moved in;
Add more wax bait if needed;
The best time to colonise hives is when bees are swarming or
Discuss with experienced local beekeepers when the best
colonising times will be.
6. Keep the apiary clean and protected by:
Clearing grass and other vegetation away from the hives;
If possible, plant live fences of good bee plants around the
Neat well cared for apiary
This apiary has failed because there are no trees to give shade
or food for the bees. None of the beehives were colonised. No
trees, no bees no honey, no money.
Failed apiary
Basic Beekeeping Manual 1: How to set up a good Apiary (© Author Pam Gregory, who offers this as her gift to
beekeepers in developing countries)