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One or two ridges around the rim of a bucket will
increase its strength and make it more ridged making it
easier to use. One method of making ridges is with a
wooden stake and mallet. Another method is to use a
spring jenny. Ridges can be added to other metal
objects to make them stronger.
Making a ridge with a stake and
Use a saw to cut grooves in a straight round
hard log. Make two cuts, the width of the
groove apart, straight across the log.
Remove the wood between the cuts with a
knife. The distance between the grooves
will be the distance between the ridges
made in the bucket.
Drill (or burn with hot steel rod) two pairs of
holes in the bench.
Use strong wire to fix the log to the bench,
positioning the log so that the grooves are
the distance from the bench edge that you
wish the ridges to be from the rim of the
Making the ridge
1) Place the bucket over the log so the metal
lies flat along the log, and the rim presses
against the edge of the bench.
2) Make a wedge-shaped hardwood mallet,
and strike the metal above a groove,
forcing the metal down into the groove.
Turn the bucket slowly round as the ridge
3) Make the other ridge with the second
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