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Recycling of Rubber
Practical Action
One form of thermal recovery is pyrolysis. This involves heating the tyre waste in the absence
of oxygen which causes decomposition into gases and constituent parts. It is a technology
which is still immature in the tyre-reprocessing field.
Energy recovery
Tyres consist of around 60% hydrocarbons, which is a store of energy that can be recovered
by incineration. The heat produced can be used directly in processes such as cement making,
or to raise steam for a variety of uses, including electricity generation. Again, this technology
requires sophisticated plant and its application is limited when looking at small-scale
Landfill is the final step in the waste management hierarchy. The landfill disposal of tyres, if
properly managed, does not constitute an environmental problem. However, concerns about
conserving resources and energy have seen an increasing opposition to landfilling. Also,
public sanitation and municipal waste management is often ineffective in developing
countries and scrap tyres are often found littering the streets.
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Internet addresses
International Tire and Rubber Association (ITRA) Home Page. A wealth of information on
recycling of tyres and associated topics.
Web site of RAPRA (see previous section).
US Rubber Inc. A commercial Website with an interesting range of products from recycled